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           Welcome to our Website! 

Parrot Pleasures has been designing and crafting toys for birds over twenty three years.  Our original feather plucker rings, bird-a-rester swings, and new lines of poly/plastic toys and perches are available, at both wholesale and retail prices, through our web site.   We specialize in developmental toys for parrots, designed to strengthen physical skills and stimulate mental skills, selecting safe materials and designs. 

 Parrot Pleasures also breeds a variety of parrots, Parrotlets, Mini-Macaws, White Bellied Caiques, and a wide variety of Conures;  who test all of our toy designs for play value and durability while posing for many of our pictures.

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(904) 264-8410 between 10 am & 7 pm EST.

Wholesale prices are available to qualified purchasers: 

Please contact us for further information.

* Please Note:

Our toys are all made with the safest products we can buy: however it is important for you to know that any materials ingested by your bird can be hazardous. The buyer is responsible for checking toys for wear and contamination from daily play. Knowing your bird is crucial to your pet's health.

How to contact us
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Company History

Parrot Pleasures Babies


Page 1
Feather Pluckers, Multi-Feather Plucker, Bird-A-Resters,  Monkey Fists.

Page 2
Hawaiian Delite,  Maple Monster Munchie.

Page 3
   Ultra Funky Orb,  Hanging Play Chain.  

Page 4
  Mr. Squidley, Happy Daisies, Perky Chips & Chimes.

Page 5

Page 6    Note: Small bird only. 
Ball & Chain, Pint Size Jamboree, Cluster Bells, Double Ring Fun, Gypsy Tiers, Heart Strings, Jangle Stars, Love Links. 

Page 7
Port -A- Perch, Deluxe Shower Perch, Shower Perch, PVC Stands.

Page 8   

Worlds Of Fun, Baubles & Bells, Alien Invader, Button Toy,  Tiny Ring Swingers, Baby Mandy Toy, Cute As A Button, Pint Size Jamboree, Seesaw Toy.

Page 9         
 Twice The Fun, Bells & Blocks.

Page 10 
Colorful Playtime, Bingo Buttons, Bug-A-Boo Buster, Button Down Blocks,  Ceiling Guard.

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Parrot Pleasures makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied except that the goods sold by us shall be of our standard quality.  We have no control over the buyer's use of our products so this remains the responsibility of the purchaser to remember that safety is the most important factor when using any of the toys, perches, etc. that we manufacture.  Regular safety inspection of the toys is recommended, and when there has been enough play to make them unsafe they should be replaced at the first sign of excessive wear.  Remember that any toy can become unsafe  with constant use and play.  It is important that you know your bird's abilities.  Parrot Pleasures shall have no liability for consequential or incidental damages under any and every circumstance.


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