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We raise the following species of sweet handfed babies -  

White Bellied Caique                                                 Senegal Parrot   

Hahn's Mini - Macaw                                                Sun Conure 

Pacific Mutation Parrotlet                                         Black Capped Conure

Noble's Mini - Macaw                                               Green Cheeked Conure 

                                                                                     Mutation Green Cheeked Conure


               Hahn's Macaw                                  Back Capped Conure                      Noble Macaw 


    White Bellied Caique            Pacific Parrotlets- Blue & Split Blue             Green Cheeked Conure


                   Senegal Parrot                                        Sun Conure



        Parrot Pleasures Picture Album

These are just pictures of some of the various birds we have raised. Most have gone                  

to new homes now, so some of the pictures have been sent to us. We hope you enjoy them.


           Yellow Naped Amazon "Nipper"                             Mexican Parrotlet Babies  

                  playing with UFO toy.                                                 (Not Available)


          Painted Conures will perch anywhere                                                  Severe Macaw

          Sun Conures like more traditional places.


                Double Yellow Head Amazon                                            White Bellied Caiques                         



       12 day old Green Cheeked Conure                          Sun Conure hen, eggs, & new baby



Please call or e-mail for prices & availability.


Phone (904) 264-8410
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