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Parrot Pleasures came in to being when we got our first bird.  As many of you know it is very difficult to find safe, affordable toys and I was determined that I could do it better,  so we went to work.  Before long many of my bird owner friends were giving me encouragement by wanting to purchase the toys they saw in my home.  That was the actual starting point, and since that time we have discontinued many of the original designs, adding many new ones over the years.   However I do feel it is worth saying that the Feather Plucker Rings, we still manufacture today, were one of our original designs, and remain one of our best sellers.

We started our business handcrafting each toy, and continue to do so today. In handcrafting each toy, we can personally check each piece, allowing us a unique degree of quality control. Our "crew" consists of Carol, owner and small toy specialist - Wade, shop and warehouse specialist - Jeanne, leather and sales associate - Fran, bird nanny, toy maker, and bookkeeper. Eleven years and we are all still  here making new friends and happy birds.


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